What is a “gift”?

What is a “Gift”?

What’s in your gift? What powers do you have?

Now, I have mentioned that I help others discover their gifts. You’re probably thinking, “What is a gift exactly?”

Here is the easiest way to define it:

A gift (in the context of my coaching) is a special skill, aptitude, ability or talent that someone is born with. Other words for “gift” in that regard are genius, flair, forte, knack, power, capability, brilliance etc.

If someone is born with it, the gift is, therefore, NATURAL. It is already within you when you are born into the world!

Isn’t that great news?

Now, a gift can also be defined as something that you offer, empower or bestow upon someone without hoping for anything in return. It is the act of giving from your heart and really bringing joy and pleasure to the life of someone else.

Therefore, your gifts come from your heart and sharing them with the world improves the quality of your life for yourself and others!

Your gifts, in reality, are a BIG deal beyond belief! Your gifts can turn your life from mundane to MAGICAL!

In addition to the above, your gifts are a way of life. When your gifts are in the drivers seat, they put you back into the “flow of nature” so that you can live YOUR life at your BEST!

So why doesn’t everyone share their gifts?

One of the main reasons as to why people don’t share their gifts with the world has to do with their cultural conditioning (and one is conditioned with a myriad of limiting beliefs). Society wants a culture of people who do not think for themselves, take orders and keep their heads down. Discovering and focusing on one’s gifts is seen as futile and impractical. You are told, both directly and mostly indirectly, that you are not special, follow the system, fall in line, don’t do this and don’t do that. Essentially you are taught to be a slave to your destiny instead of a master OF your destiny.

While some people do discover their gifts, many don’t see a practical use for them and therefore just shove them back underneath the rug.They are then confined to a life of misery and mediocrity which can lead to problems such as stress, low self-esteem and even (in extreme cases) suicide…

Most of all, the main thing that holds people back from discovering and using their gifts is the “F” word:


Fear of being shunned by their peers…

Fear of what others will think of them…

Fear of being hated and ostracized…

Fear of being stuck in a rut…

Fear of never making it in the world…

And the list goes on.

What I aim to do is to have my clients identify that core fear and look at it directly in the face. I set up the the proper context for learning and change and guide you toward the results that you want. The key word here is guide. I do NOT do the thinking/learning for you and you are expected to participate in the change/learning process. In fact, my intention is to nurture your mind so that you can think in new ways, ask your own questions and test out your own ideas. No more stress and pressure of getting good grades or passing standardized tests and examinations. This is all YOU and we’ll be working with your God-given gifts! My intention is to give you the keys toward unlocking the doors to your superpowers!

So…my question to you is:

What are YOUR gifts? What would happen if you discovered and shared them with the world? What would your life be like then?


When you discover your gifts, you will go from fear to F.E.A.R. (Feeling Energized, Alive and Real)

Are you ready to find out what YOU are truly made out of?

When you discover and make creative use of your gifts, you’ll feel like you are on top of the world!

“It is your RESPONSIBILITY to promote yourself and your ideas!” ~Elliott Hulse