My Coaching Service

Coaching is not the average advice you get from your parents or your peers. It is NOT your best friend’s advice. I’m not here to tell you what to do or to change who you are. What you’ll be learning is NOT conventional wisdom.

I am here to help you gain clarity and insight on the outcomes that you really want. I am here to take you to the edge of your comfort zone (and/or boundaries) and to help you move beyond it. I’m here to help you leave the shore so that you can discover new oceans!

I’m here to help you discover your own passion and your own voice!

Objectives of Coaching

I have 3 main objectives for coaching:

  1. To give you more choice…in how to think, feel, and respond. The more choices you have (the right kinds of choices, that is), the better the quality of your life will be. Choice is extremely powerful…and you’ll see why…
  2. To re-connect you with who you truly are and to strengthen and reinforce that connection.
  3. To guide you toward what’s really in your heart so that you can follow it with passion.

What I expect from clients

ONLY work with clients who:

  • are open to stepping out of their comfort zone
  • are open to LEARNING something new, both about themselves and the world around them
  • are 100% accountable and responsible for their actions
  • are open to “showing up” within each and every session
  • are ready for a change
  • are coachable and teachable



Are you ready to gain the tools for a more successful and rewarding life?