What is coaching and what is my role as a “Self-Esteem Coach”?

Coaching is a method of facilitation that involves an understanding of the client’s present situation and helping them determine their outcome(s), priorities and resources. The role of a coach is to serve as a motivator or catalyst in order to assist the client in overcoming limiting beliefs, establishing clear outcomes, guiding the client in a resourceful direction and establishing a relationship with the client to ensure that he/she takes responsibility for his/her own actions.

My role as a Self-Esteem Coach is help others feel absolutely great about themselves so that they can:

  • have the confidence to handle life’s challenges
  • become comfortable in their own skin
  • achieve any desired outcomes in life of their own choosing

Why Coaching?

Coaching can help you establish and specify what it is you want out of life and help you attain that outcome at a quicker pace. Another reason why coaching is useful is because a quality coach can assist a client in expanding his/her horizons and looking at things from a different perspective. When a client chooses to look at things in a different way, more choices open up in their way of thinking, feeling, believing and behaving. When a client has more choices, he/she can respond to a variety of situations in a more resourceful manner and therefore attract better results into his/her life.

How do I Coach?

My absolute first priority when coaching is to establish a space of safety for my clients. This is absolutely crucial because unless there is an establishment of safety, there cannot be a positive coach/client relationship and, therefore, the issue that the client brings in is less likely to be explored and resolved.

I coach based on the needs of my client and the challenge(s) that he/she brings into the coaching environment. Coaching is tailored to your unique situation and challenge. Every individual is different: different challenges, different ways of responding and different ways of seeing the world. I respect what you bring in to the coaching environment. In fact, my motto is: I respect your space and I don’t get in your face.

And most of all, I make my sessions fun, challenging and rewarding!

Code of Ethics

My code of ethics is as follows:

  • I respect your space
  • Everything that is said in the coaching session, stays in the coaching session!
  • Your personal information will never be given to any third party. Any personal information on paper, when not needed, will be shredded immediately. No information will be shared publicly.
  • I respect your privacy
  • I respect your time. If I need to reschedule a session, I will notify you ASAP
  • I am committed to providing quality service and assistance
  • I will not give out any information that is misleading or false

What Coaching is NOT…

Coaching is NOT counseling, psychotherapy, psychiatry, consulting or any advice from your peers. Counseling and therapy are practices of identifying and treating mental diseases/illnesses, life issues that are deeply challenged and resolving traumatic memories and experiences. Therapy generally focuses on what happened in your past that made you (and your issue) of what it is today.

Coaching, on the other hand, is a practice of identifying what is going on for you in the present moment. Occasionally it retreats to the past, but it does so in order to identify any positive learnings that can be used to move the client forward toward what he/she wants.

Benefits of Coaching (aka “What’s in it for me?”)

What you can benefit from coaching:

  • Coaching can help you get to where you want quickly and easily!
  • experience quality insight that goes beyond the “advice” given to you by your peers or your parents (no more unwanted and/or invasive advice!)
  • coaching can help you discover the solutions that you need quickly and easily!
  • experience dramatic improvement in both your game and your performance
  • a coach can help you see your situation differently, which then attracts more magical and serendipitous experiences into your life (yes, that is actually possible!)
  • a coach can help you claim your TRUE freedom and autonomy
  • a coach can help you discover your true gifts
  • coaching can help you notice your psychological “blind spots”  and “special powers” that you thought you never even had!
  • put you on the path to a more fulfilling and rewarding life
  • and much, MUCH more!


I am a Self-Esteem Coach. I am NOT a therapist, consultant, psychiatrist, counselor or a “miracle healer”. I do NOT solve a client’s problems nor do I give them unwanted advice without any understanding of their issue. I provide the tools and resources needed to resolve the challenge in focus. In other words: I provide the coaching, but it is the client that does the healing and resolution (and it can take longer than 3 or 4 coaching sessions). I am not responsible for any behaviour, destructive or otherwise, that the client engages in outside of the coaching environment. Results vary per individual and the individual is responsible for what happens in his/her own life.