Book Excerpts


Here are some excerpts from my two books!

 Make Your Imagination Rich

 Chapter 1: What is Genius?

The word “genius” was originally used to describe brilliant people of an eccentric nature. It had the connotation of accomplishment and pride in one’s work. It included the notion of an ability to follow one’s vision to the end rather than build it halfway and then stop. Belief, persistence, courage and patience were all included in the concept of genius.

Why has the concept undergone such a transformation? When did the term genius come to mean simply an accomplished individual, and why do we ascribe grandeur and reverence to such a person? At what point in history did we begin to associate mathematics with genius, and when did we latch onto the notion that a PhD or master’s degree should imply genius? Of course, having a PhD or a master’s degree is an excellent thing, but the reverence we give to someone with a degree is an indirect suggestion of power and control. Why do we revere such a person? Why do we give them power and control?…

Chapter 2: It’s an Inside Job

Life swirls and shifts around us every day. Many things happen to us in our everyday lives, and our external conditions always show new successes or failures. But there is an important secret. Would you believe me if I told you that your inner world governs your outward conditions, that your inner world is responsible for what happens in your external world? That your thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on the course of your life? To some people, this seems unbelievable, even absurd. To others, it is an accepted part of their lives. But do they really know how to use the most powerful tool on earth – the human brain? Let’s find out.

…But while most of us might agree that our life is like a painting, or a path, what many of us do not realize is that our lives are what WE make them to be. We are the ones who are responsible for the creation of the events and circumstances that shape our lives and make us who we are.

Chapter 7: The Heck with the Classroom

“Stay in school.” Sound familiar? It is a piece of advice that all of us have heard at one time or another. The advice is geared primarily to adolescents because they are the ones most likely to drop out of school. Going to school is also emphasized for young adults; they are advised to go to college or university as part of their planning for the future. You’ve probably heard parents say, “I want to make enough money to send my kids off to college” or “I wish I could afford to send my kids to college.” But is school really the only path to success? Is university or college really worth all the lavish spending of thousands of dollars per year? Is school really “the only way” and does this have to be accepted as the “way it is”?

Chapter 9: Invisible Laws

Why is it considered outrageous to think outside the box? Why is the imagination in its true form considered a liability rather than an asset?

…Humans have created competition, so we can reverse it. We can fix this if we just use our creative minds, because that’s what we were born to do – create, not compete. The reason so many of us adopt the mindset of doubt, worry and hopelessness is that we fall under the delusion that we have to measure up to someone else…..


Change For a Quarter

Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Quarter’s Life

In June of 2000 I walked across my high school stage to shake the principal’s hand and get my diploma. I felt strange, because my time at school had passed so quickly and part of my brain still felt like there were a few months to go. But, whether I believed it or not, high school was over and I was headed for college.There were a million thoughts running through my mind as I imagined life after high school…..

Chapter 2: Put Pressure On It

…Often, when we are going through an emotional crisis, several things just seem to go downhill and not work out well for us. You may also have noticed that a crisis seems to attract hordes of people who try to make you feel better. But have you ever noticed how when people try to make you feel better they usually give advice that claims to be “for your own good”? Then you end up following their suggestions, only to experience more pain and heartache?…..

Chapter 6: Entrapment

When you start to believe that there are no answers to your problems, your life may start to close in on you.

I’ll give you an analogy to illustrate this. Say you are inside your room with the door shut and your windows closed. Suddenly, dark smoke starts to pour into your room. Let’s say that the smoke represents your problem(s) and the fresh air outside represents solutions. Generally, when people feel hopeless and at the mercy of their problems, then they don’t bother to let the smoke out. They just sit there and let the smoke cloak the room in darkness. Then, when they finally make a move to grab something, they can’t see where they are going….

Chapter 8: Information Overload

 We live in an age where there is literally information of all sorts around every corner. There’s information on parenting, self-help, entertainment, carpentry, weight loss, getting rich, staying young into your 80’s—the list goes on. Everybody has a wealth of information to share based on whatever subject interests them. But here’s the problem: there’s a lot of it. So much information, so little time….

…Some people become egotistical and cocky, fooling themselves into thinking that, just because they’ve read a bunch of books and other forms of information, they know everything. Unfortunately, knowledge that is passively absorbed often becomes “gunk” in the mind, clogging the natural and intuitive processes. As a result, these types of people become robot-like, robbing themselves of their intuitive and natural powers….