Expect the Unexpected


Some people discover their gifts during their childhood.

Some people discover their gifts during their teen years or adulthood.

Some people discover their their gifts and then sweep them back under the rug.

And some never discover their gifts at all – and end up being buried with their gifts on top of them…

A gift is a big thing. A gift is something that you have within you that, in a way, is meant to be shared with the world. It’s interesting as to how we’ve been so conditioned to follow the system and ignore our true potential. What’s even stranger is that I have heard on all of these daytime talk shows (not that I watch TV) that “we are all capable of so much more” – and yet we still struggle with ourselves.

So, how do you discover your gifts and what you are truly made out of?

One way is to go through a struggle or an ordeal of some kind (I’m not saying to voluntarily do this). People learn from harsh experiences and that experience helps them see life from a different perspective. Then, they may discover where their true capability lies.

Another way is by trying something new – something that you have never tried before. You’ve never tried it before, therefore, you do not know what to expect. You never know what you will discover…

But most ways that people discover their gifts is completely by accident. They find out about them by playing around, having fun and most of all- living in the moment. Living in the moment – isn’t that what children do best? Your gifts are born in the PRESENT moment and within that moment, a lot of magic happens. It’s magical because you allowed it to happen and it is magical because it is completely unexpected. As the old expression goes, “Expect the unexpected.”

Your gifts can come in many forms – it can be a special ability that you have, a quality that you have, an emotion that you can express very well or you can make things happen that borderline on the miraculous. Everybody delivers their own gifts in their own way.

Your gifts are so powerful to the point where I don’t understand as to why one would not want to discover them. One good thing about them is that they give you a reason for living and seriously break up the monotony of life.

So what can you do? What is waiting within you…ready to come out?

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