“What Should I be when I grow up?”

“What’s really underneath the mask of the Broken Generation?”

Ever had that question when you were a kid? I know people who are my age and older who are still asking themselves that question…

As you were growing up, you fantasized wildly as to what you wanted to be, whether it was an astronaut, a detective or a firefighter. I myself had always dreamed of being a wood carver, only because I saw a cartoon of a guy carving wood into these beautiful shapes and works of art. I envisioned myself doing that one day…

Then of course, along the way, that dream faded as I became molded into dreaming and going after jobs that everyone else was doing. I think the worst job I ever had was a paper delivery boy. Sure I got some fresh air, but the job just wasn’t for me anymore. I remember seeing a commercial by the DeVry Institute to illustrate (at the time) that the tech industry was booming that is where all of the jobs were at. If you weren’t educated in that department, you were at a loss. Quite the scare tactic at the time, I must say…

So why do our dreams fade in order to “grow up and get a real job”? Why is it that so few people are going after what they really want? Well, there is fear involved: fear of failure, fear of making a mistake, fear of success, etc.

Wait a minute…did I say fear of success?

Yes I did say that.

Everyday we seem to be getting more and more programmed to be fearful little robots to serve as cogs in this big machine we call society. Keep your head down, do the work, don’t ask questions, get paid and go home. Instead of becoming more free, all we are becoming  is more stressed, more fearful, more anxious and more depressed. Is this the life that we envisioned?

All of the above usually signify some sort of a disconnect from our true identity as an individual. When you think about what you really want to do with your life (if you know what you want to do with your life), how do you feel? Excited? Invigorated? Now, hold on to that image. Do your feelings get stronger as a result?

Now disconnect yourself from it and think about something you’d rather not be doing. How do you feel then? Angry? Depressed? Frustrated? Or in extreme cases, suicidal?

What happens when you disconnect one of your appliances? It ceases to function, correct? What happens when you disconnect yourself from your dreams? YOU cease to function, correct?

Look at what I’m doing? I’m engaging in a very unusual and unconventional profession. Yes, there is a chance that I won’t make it. Yes, there is a chance that certain individuals will stop loving me. But does that stop me? Not really…

What I do makes me feel good and I feel that I can contribute to making the difference on this planet that will really set us free. I started doing this because I was curious to find out what was really inside of me. I got sick and tired of being a cog and I got sick and tired of the status quo. And I wanted to empower people to take control of their own lives. That is what really fires me up to do what I do.

You’ll never see me in the newspaper.

You’ll never see me on television.

You’ll never see me on a huge billboard.

You’ll never see me in the mainstream.

Because I don’t desire fame. I desire to help and heal.

What should you be when you grow up? Try asking this question instead: How do you want to feel right NOW?

Because it’s not about “growing up”. It’s about growing within…

Are you ready?

What’s really inside you? What are you really capable of?

What’s waiting for you?

Keep the change,

Shawn Bent

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