Rebel Without a Cause

“What’s really underneath the mask of the Broken Generation?”

There were certain junctures in my life where I was an angry kid.

Angry at myself.

Angry at my family.

Angry at society.

Angry at God.

There are times where I was angry but I didn’t know what I was angry at. I guess you can say that I was expressing a part of myself that I hated the most, but also expressing a part of myself that wanted to be heard.

On the surface, I was a rebel without a cause. But deep down, something was brewing and wanting to come out into the world…

I picked quite the audience to help out. It isn’t easy being a 20-something in this day and age and I have been told (directly and indirectly) that 20-somethings aren’t worth helping out.

Can I be brutally honest?

I believe that’s the biggest load of shit I’ve ever heard.

Why did I start doing this whole shindig? Because I believed that 20-somethings had a lot more to them. I believed there’s a lot more magic to them than what we give them credit for…

I for one am not content on living my life a programmed drone being told where to go, what to think, what to feel, what to believe and how to respond. And that’s what I see this generation of 20-something’s being exposed to…

It’s the same old status quo: Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job. Shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat. If you don’t abide by the system, you are threatened with failure or reprimand of some kind. You are told, on many levels and through many mediums, to conform and to follow the rules and settle for what you have been given by the system. It’s like you’re in an institution that is serving you the proverbial gruel in a dirty bowl and that’s all you get to eat. If you protest in any way shape or form, you get a rap on the knuckles by the cane of the headmaster.

Why does the system (and the world) have to be this way? Who makes this shit up?

I just don’t understand why things have to be this way. 20-somethings have potential…it is just that they don’t get a chance to express it….REALLY express it. Or they do express it…only to end up with the same mediocre results…

What I see is a system designed for us to fail. If it was designed for us to succeed, then why all the student debt, depression, anxiety and suicide (along with a host of other psychological and spiritual ailments that remain unreported)?

I know what it is like to get a raw deal. I know what it is like to conjure up the strength and courage needed to go after what it is that one REALLY wants and deserves.

It’s okay to be angry (quite frankly, it is a natural emotion and it’s healthy, provided that you’re not hurting anyone else), but channel that anger into something positive and useful. Something that brings value to others. Use that anger to energize your space as you walk through the world with your head held high to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Quarter Life Crisis? Quarter Life CONQUERED!

You have the power in you…just waiting…brewing…waiting to be harnessed and released.

Get curious about yourself: What are you really made of?

What do you really want your life to look like?

What are you waiting for?

What’s waiting for you…?


Keep the change,

Shawn Bent


Resign from the sheep mentality. Go your own way and follow your own star....

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