About Shawn Bent


I love helping people with their inner and outer transformations and helping them grow into something that they never thought was possible. After going through my own journey of personal transformation, I know what the strife and the struggle feels like and I know that personal transformation can have painful experiences of its own. But I also know that personal growth can also be a fun experience as well and everyone is capable of becoming their best selves.

I have a passion for natural health and wellness, fitness and writing. In fact, I have written two books: Make Your Imagination Rich and Change For a Quarter. I was driven to share my message with the world and through a medium in which I am passionate about, so…out came two books! I have also run workshops on personal development, competed in public speaking contests with Toastmasters International, trained in martial arts and I have also competed in the Spartan races. All of those experiences inspired me to grow into the best and most gifted version of myself…and there are many more experiences to come!

My mission is to help others experience the magic within themselves and help expand their mindsets on what they think is possible! YOU have gifts…so let’s bring those gifts to fruition!

As a Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach, I help people lose weight and keep it off so they can have greater energy, self-confidence and lead healthier lifestyles.

I will work with you to achieve the results that YOU really want and also help you look at possibilities and opportunities that you may have been missing.

I help clients in the following areas:

  • Clarifying your vision and direction
  • creating a personalized action plan to lead you to RESULTS
  • Upgrading any present skills that you already have
  • Optimizing your environment
  • and Mastering your Psychology to improve your inner game for your success

I believe that everybody has within them the resources to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals once and for all.

Are you ready to find out what YOU are made out of?